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Smart Integrated Power Solutions

We are a technology company developing end to end solutions in EV, Energy Storage and Telecom Power solutions.

  • With Single point agenda of Designing and manufacturing electronic products in India indigenously, We thrive to develop products and solutions to address the domestic and global market needs in E- Mobility, Electronics used in ESS and other energy storage applications, Telecom Power domain.
  • We have complete Product designing capabilities with our core Tech team which is having expertise in Power electronics , Embedded software, Digital control systems, electromechanical engineering, thermal engineering, Cloud platform which gives us firm control over the complete product lifecycle.


Stationary Energy Storage Domain

Industrial & Domestic Energy storage & Power Conversion product segment.

EV Charging Infrastructure

AC, DC and Portable Charging Infrastructure product line.

EV Mobility Domain

Electric Vehicle's Components.

Custom Electronic Design Services

Customised Engineering and Design Services for all your electronic products and solutions.

Our Product Portfolio

We provide Customised products as per customer needs along with off the shelf solutions related to our technology domains

  • All
  • E-Mobility Components
  • EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Telecom Power Solutions
  • Stationary Energy Storage Applications
  • Solar Products
  • Cloud Services


Complete range of fully featured Smart BMS portfolio having solution from 7S to 30S for lithium and LFP chemistries with full customization support.

Smart Cluster

Modern Age AI enabled Vehicle analytics with riding pattern analytics and cloud connectivity.

Onboard Charger

Ruggedized Onboard Battery chargers with robust protections and high efficiency.

Opportunity Chargers

SUPERSYSTEMS Opportunity chargers are ranging from 8 KW to 16KW bulk charging capacity which provides very fast charging to forklifts & similar Demanding applications powered by Lithium Battery packs.


Low Cost Fully Featured Outdoor IP65 Rated AC in-AC out Chargers rated from 1KW to 22KW are capable of providing Charging to 2W,3W and 4W with all the protections and metering features inbuilt.

DC Fast Chargers

DC Fast charger ranging from 10KW to 50KW are Available for 48V to 100VDC catering to most of the applications. We are building up to 700VDC Charges also to meet upcoming high power battery packs required in Buses and trucks.

Small Cell Telecom Power Solution

Compact wall mount Power solutions For modern 4G and upcoming 5G Small cell sites having loads starting from 600W to 3KW and backup required for 2 to 4 hours with Integrated Lithium Battery pack,Power plant and monitoring solution.

Macro Cell Telecom Power solutions

New Age Telecom power solution for existing telecom sites of loads up to 6KW are supported with customizable backup upto 8 hours form continuous monitoring over central management cloud.

Solar Home Power Pack

Combined with Lithium Battery pack, highly efficient inverter unit and MPPT solar charger rated from 1KVA to 10KVA, Solar home power pack is all in one solution for replacement of traditional inverter & Lead acid-based battery packs.

ESS BMS Solutions

Supersystems provides Complete Master-Slave BMS solution along with Central BMS and Group BMS to communicate with EMS and PCS systems .

Smart MPPT Chargers

Supersystems offers complete ranging of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Charge controllers required for solar charging applications having maximum power conversion efficiency and utilization of solar energy. Rated from 300W to 10K modular chargers, solutions are available as per custom needs.

Smart PWM Chargers

For cost sensitive and small size solar applications, Smart PWM chargers with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are available ranging from 300W to 2KW solar installations.

Smart Solar Inverters

Wi-Fi enabled smart Solar Inverters rated from 600VA to 3KVA are available for domestic users who wants to adopt solar while being user of traditional lead acid batteries.

Cloud based Central Monitoring System

Complete cloud based monitoring system to capture , visualize & control all aspects of the integrated system.

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